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22-inch WSXGA+ 1680-by-1050 pixels Widescreen LCD with high brightness and high contrast LCD panel; HDTV 1080i support, VESA Ready.

  • Multimedia PC with Intel ViiV Technology:

    - PC, TV, DVD, Music, Photo, Gaming with Intel ViiV Technology

    - Perfect for Video Conferencing

    - Supports up to 1080i HD TV format when connected to a high-definition video signal(displayed at native 720P resolution). You can record your favourite channel while you work on your PC or watch another channel.

  • All-in-One Design:

    - Easy to move around the office and/or home

    - Wall mounting VESA design.

    - Flexible and Expandable

  • Premium Picture Quality.

    -High brightness and high contrast LCD with fast response times mean superior performance for video and gaming.

    - Component Video Input achieve greater color accuracy than composite and S-Video when connecting to compatible devices (DVD players, VCRs, etc.)

    - Remote Control Access features, channels, television and video source control, power, volume and more.

  • Premium Sound System:

    -SRS WOW Audio Technology Enhances speaker performance by creating three-dimensional sound with deep, bass and wide separation.

    - Built-in Speakers includes 2 (3W x 2) side speakers and 1 (5W) subwoofer to deliver dynamic sound.

    - Side Headphone Jack is conveniently located for private listening.

  • Specifications Images Photo Album Brochure Price List Components User Manual
    Base Configuration
      System and Display
      Mounting Bracket
      Built-in Web Camera
      Biometric Fingerprint Device
      VGA Graphics Options - Choose the one that you need and/or want
      Upgradeable Processor (CPU) with Diamond 24 Thermal Paste
      Memory (RAM) Configuration - Fully Upgradeable
      Graphics eXpansion Modules for 2-3 External Displays
      1st Hard Drive. Choose Regular, Solid State or Hybrid Drive:
      2nd Hard Drive
      Hard Drive(s) Setup i.e. Multiple Partitions, RAID 0/1/5/10
      Optical Drive
      Operating System(s)
      Operating System #2
      Wireless LAN
      TV Tuner (Internal and/or External)
      Bluetooth for Wireless Devices
      HSDPA/HSUPA Worldwide Mobile Broadband
      ExpressCard Slot for External PCI Express Devices
      Wireless Routers
      Office and Business Productivity Software
      AntiVirus, Security and Utilities Software
      Speach Recognition Software
      Gaming Software
      Gaming Accessories
      Internal Card Reader
      Standard AC Adapter
      Standard Power Cord - included
      Choose Your Warranty Plan
      Get 2nd AC Adapter for Home, Office and Travelling
      Extra Power Cord
      External Keyboard
      Graphics Tablet / Stylus
      External Floppy Drive
      External Portable Storage
      External Hard Drive for Data Backup or Network Storage (NAS)
      USB Hubs and Port Replicators to Connect External Devices
      Docking Station
      Car Adapters and Inverters- keep your laptop powered and operational wherever you go
      Security Cables and Security Devices
    Choose Model -> Configuration -> Quote/Order
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